CLIENT is an online e-commerce brand that curates backpacks for all journeys and stages of life.

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E-commerce, Travel, Lifestyle


Content Creation, Campaign Conception, Facebook Advertising, Influencer Partnerships, Photography, Video Development


As a new brand, needed help growing the awareness and presence on various social platforms, as well as increasing their sells.


Posteriori partnered and collaborated with Backpacks and their agencies to craft social content, social media content, promotional campaigns, influencer partnerships, photography, videography. Capitalizing on the position a third-party vendor, Posteriori coordinated photo shoots and video editing for visual content for social media marketing, using brand partners and strategic online marketing tactics to grow their brand awareness.

Results Recap

  • Instagram grew by 40% in six months
  • Facebook grew by 35% in six months
  • Facebook Ads leads to a 30% increase in sales
  • 70,000+ new monthly visitors to the site continually
  • Established partnerships with social media influencers

Let's tell your story through strategic branding and marketing?

Posteriori is committed to providing excellent service and results to our clients, providing unique and meaningful brands stories. Brands and creative marketing that are carefully curated and created to stand for something paramount to your business. 

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